I know there are a lot of people who say this, but I am truly happy you’re here. That means you’re interested on this little corner of my heart!

A Bookish Peep is run by me: a mexican girl whose second (and favorite) name is Elizabeth, who found the pretty side of books and movies. I mean it: Movies gave me my best (male) friend and books connected me in a deep way with my other friends and family. So I really think they are a gift.

So welcome on board! This is my hobby and my blog, where you’ll find period dramas and books reviews with some photos of books, deco, quotes, Pochi 🐶, Monche🐶, Gota🐱, flowers and faceless me.

Now that you’re here I have to be honest: I love love. I do! I even have a fangirl account of period drama love movies over here ->@lovemissbennet. So, please be prepared for a lot of cheesy and magical stories.

Love, Lizzy.